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            Yes, it’s about words and language.  But don’t think about your 6th grade teacher (not that there’s anything wrong with being a 6th grade teacher).

            No greasy kid stuff.  We’re about modern real life language and how it affects you right now.

            The Internet has intensified, not diminished, your need to write effectively.  That’s covered here with ideas and books.

            By frequent demand, a current topic is humor in writing.  A unique book on writing funny is offered around here someplace

            The star of the show so far is the blog FRESH about Language and Power.  We are dedicated to the principals first so well articulated by George Orwell in his essay “Politics and the English language.”  That’s where the title FRESH comes from.  Web search the essay for yourself.  Click the tab on your left.

            Pretty soon, there will probably be something with song lyrics.

            It all ties together.  Look around.  You’ll see.

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From How to Write to How to be Funny

    Here is where you can find how to write the way you want.  How to write a letter or a tweet.  We have made a study of what is business communication through 25 years of teaching and consulting.  

    We cover everything from how to write a letter (still a good idea) to how to tell a joke and use office humor successfully.

    Our latest book delves in the world of humor at work.  Everyone wants to tell a joke but few know the basics of doing it.  Find how in "Funny Business: Putting humor in your writing."  You'll even find some funny jokes.

    Currently providing a variety of eBooks, covering how to write, what is training, how to get a job and more.

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